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    Dan Strickler

    Director, Cameraman, Editor, Actor

  • Video Services

    Freelance Shooter

    These days, Dan is primarily a freelance cameraman and as such has worked on both corporate and event shoots for over thirty video production companies in New York and New Jersey. Now, located in Philadelphia, he is available for work in the greater Philadelphia area. Rate sheet available upon request.


    He comes to his assignments armed with a variety of cameras, both DSLR and video. Along with the camera gear he has a full array of lighting and sound equipment. A full equipment list is available upon request.

    Other Services

    On a limited basis, Dan is still available to produce, write, direct and edit video productions. Please contact Dan to discuss your project.




  • about DAN

    Freelance cameraman for corporate & event video production

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    Shifting Focus

    Dan started his career as an actor, performing in theater as well as film and televison. Eventually, he moved from in front of the camera to behind the lens, both shooting and directing. Along the way he worked for ESPN, ABC and VUE, an emmy award-winning production company he helped to create.


    As an event videographer, Dan has shot weddings, bar mitzvahs, retirement and corporate parties. As a freelance cameraman, he has worked with well over thirty production companies in the New York and New Jersey area.

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    Working with Dave Hall of Davideo Multimedia LLC, Dan has produced and directed award-winning event and training videos. Their instructional video Camera Command has been widely viewed by videographers across the United States and Canada.

    Young Filmmaker's Workshop


    As a teacher, Dan created and conducted workshops throughout New York and New Jersey on "Acting for the Camera", "Acting in Commercials" and a filmmaking workshop for elementary school students. For two seasons, he coordinated the video programs for the New Jersey Teen Arts Festival. He has conducted numerous workshops for the New Jersey Videographer's Association (NJVA), and "Camera Command Live" for WEVA and the 4 Ever Group. Until his recent move to Philadelphia, he was a long-time member of NJVA, serving for many years on the board and as vice-president. He is currently a member of the Greater Philadelphia Videographers Association (GPVA)


  • Clips

    Wedding Demo

    Canon C100

    All footage was shot on the C100

    Camera/editing: Dan Strickler

    Bachmann Strauss Foundation

    Symposium Promotional Video

    Producer/Director/ Principal Camera: Dan Strickler

    Princeton Lacrosse Alumni Association

    Bryce Chase Tribute Video

    This video celebrates the 50 year association of Mr.Chase as player and coach with the Princeton Lacrosse Team.

    Producer/Director/Camera: Dan Strickler

    Actors in Practice

    Pilot Project

    Penn State graduate acting students reunite after 35 years to work again with their teacher, Richard Edelman.

    Producer/Director/Principal Camera: Dan Strickler

    Sally & Matt's Wedding


    The wedding was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City

    Producer/Director/Editor: Dan Strickler

    Camera: Dan Strickler & Suzi Francese

    Glenwood School - Short Hills, NJ

    Winter Concert

    Camera/Editing: Dan Strickler

    Camera Command

    Instructional Video Promo

    In six easy lessons, this video explains how basic photographic principles can be applied to the video camera.


    Camera: Dave Hall

    Actors: Whitney Rydbeck, Dan Strickler

    Fieldston Choral Society

    Spring Concert

    Choral Society Director: Kathleen Hayes

    Camera: Dan Strickler

    Producer/Editor: Dan Strickler








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    Dan was born and raised in Southern California. He caught the acting bug in high school, usually playing the old-man roles. He majored in theater at California State University at Fullerton. Before moving east for graduate school, he performed with the South Coast Repertory Theater and the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts. He moved to Philadelphia to enroll in the MFA Professional Actor Training Program at Temple University, under the leadership of Dugald MacArthur. . Shortly after graduation, he moved to New York and almost immediately, was fortunate enough to land his first Equity job. While living in Manhattan, he performed in numerous plays both in the city and in regional theater productions up and down the east coast. He was a frequent visitor to Philadelphia, performing at the Philadelphia Theater Company, the Walnut Street Theater, The Harold Prince and the Festival Theater for New Plays. After marrying, Dan and his wife Alisa relocated to Brooklyn and when their daughter was three, they decided to move to the "burbs". Dan eventually left acting and moved behind the camera, shooting, directing and editing video productions. In 2018, it was time for another change. Empty nesters, yearning for city life, Dan and Alisa moved to Old City Philadelphia. Dan is thrilled to be back in Philly, the town he fell in love with during his Temple U. days. He plans to do some acting again while continuing his work in video production.

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    Character Actor

    Dan has performed in a wide range of parts, both classical and contemporary, straight plays as well as musicals, dramas and comedies, while playing both young and old characters. He has always been most at home, putting on a wig or mustache, gravitating toward the quirky and eccentric.

    Makeup Transformation

    Academy-award winning makeup artist, Kevin Haney transforms Strickler into Sir Edison Fitzwilly.

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    Commercial & Industrial Film

    As a result of his first New York show, the hit, "Jules Feiffer's Hold Me!," he obtained agent representation and started booking commercials and industrial films. For many years, he had a very successful "commercial career", booking over 150 commercials and industrials, as well as the occasional soap opera.

    Commercial Reel

  • Reviews & Pix

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    The Christmas Carol

    as Bob Cratchit with Richard Kiley


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    Moby Dick Rehearsed

    as Ahab


    "There is no attempt to encompass the breadth of Melville's cosmic terror. The interest here is in incident and in the figure of Ahab cracking slowly under the strain of his obsession with killing Moby Dick. Dan Strickler draws an Ahab so consumed by that obsession that at the end there seems to be nothing left of the man but his stricken eyes."

    William B. Collins - Philadelphia Inquirer

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    Isn't it Romantic

    as Marty with Robin Leslie Brown


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    Coming Attractions


    with Griffin Dunne & Christine Baranski


    "Most important, it has a near-perfect cast ... Dan Strickler is no less triumphant in an equal variety of parts, for example as the chaplain in said execution (in which the condemned man is told, "Sure you're tense; who wouldn't be? It's national television!"), who demurs at such lines as "May God have mercy on your soul" and prefers a more secularly ecumenical "Good Luck!"

    John Simon - New York Magazine


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    The Lion & the Lamb

    as Bert Lahr with Robert McCallum


    "Dan Strickler's handling of this difficult role was almost flawless."

    Gene Dixon - The Courier-Post



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    Oh Kay


    as the Duke of Durham with Jim Maxwell


    "The consistent show-stopper of the evening was Dan Strickler as the Duke of Durham. Of course, with P.G. Wodehouse dialogue, there are bound to be some funny things, but Strickler's side-splitting handling of the "homely little boy" story was a gem of audience milking in the most flattering sense of the phrase"

    Thor Eckert - Christian Science Monitor


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    As You Like It

    as Jacques with Henry Hoffman


    "The comic highs of this production were ironically provided by the melancholy Jacques, who recites the classic "All the world's a stage" line. With shoulders hunched and feet dragging, Dan Strickler played him as a chain-smoking, whiskey-guzzling misanththrope so down on the world that you couldn't help but laugh."

    Richard Dodds - Time-Picayune

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    Jules Feiffer's Hold Me!

    as Bernard with Kathleen Chalfant


    "Dan Strickler is wonderfully sappy and repressed as Bernard, going quietly mad in style."

    Jonathan Takiff - The Philadelphia Daily News


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    as Jocko with Linda Lee Johnson


    "I laughed long and hard and thrilled to the performances of Linda Lee Johnson and Dan Strickler."

    Arch Campbell -WRC-TV

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    And When She Stops

    Nobody Knows

    20 roles with Marcia Mahon


    "In the course of the evening, Strickler takes on more than 20 roles, switching in the blink of an eye from father to grandfather to social worker to butler to 5-year-old boy. The list goes on and on. Every one of these cameo roles emerges with a unique accent and a distinctive face. Strickler is a master actor."

    Robert Baxter - The Courier-Post

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    True West

    as Austin with Ken Hardeman


    "Dan Strickler's Austin is particularly good, an incipiently cheeky wimp at the beginning of the play, a bubbling pixie as liquor and the role-change release him and a desperate little-boy-lost at the end."

    Gerald Weales- The Philadelphia Inquirer

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    When the Bough Breaks

    as Dr. Sachs with Michael Mantel


    "At first Dan Strickler's Sachs seems cold and withdrawn, insensitive to the needs of the devastated parents. What is discovered as his rather remarkable performance goes on is that Strickler has created a doctor who himself is struggling with many of the same questions that face the parents each time one of these cases crops up."

    Clark Groome - Philadelphia Inquirer

    Awake and Sing

    as Sam Feinschrieber with Morris Carnovsky

    "There is a beautiful performance by Dan Strickler as the poor Sam Feinschreiber, who is swindled into marrying Bessie, whom he loves very much, and who discovers she doesn't love him. Mr. Strickler says simply, "I am a very lonely man," you believe him and believe in the play ...

    Elliot Norton - Boston Herald American

    Flying Blind

    as Dan

    "There is a disciplined and effective performance by Dan Strickler in the difficult role of the sensitive hero ...He communicates the character's pain without resorting to excessive devices, and evokes sympathy."


    The Country Wife

    as Sir Jasper Fidget

    "Dan Strickler as Sir Jasper Fidget, the folish husband who throws his wife into Horner's embrace, was just deliciously daft."

    Otile McManus - The Boston Globe

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